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Saving customized reports

The Insights module that encompasses the saving customized reports functionality is free until November 1st as part of a public beta. If you're interested in testing out the Insights module, please reach out to your account manager

Sales, payments and tax reports can be customized using filters, measures, and table formatting to suit your workflows and saved for use in future. This functionality is available for admin and manager user roles.

Customizing your reports

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Sales reports, Payment reports, or Tax reports.
  2. Customize your report using different metrics such as Report type, Measure, Date range, Comparison, and Filters. Customizing_metrics.png
  3. Once customized as desired, click Save report.
  4. Name your report and click Save report. Name_your_report.png
  5. The custom report is now available in report tab next to Summary. You can find any additional reports you create here also. Report_created.png

Deleting your customized reports

If you created a report that no longer serves you or made a mistake while creating your report, you can delete it. To do so:

  1. On the Sales report, Payment report or Tax report page, select the custom report you wish to delete, then click Delete report. Delete_reports.png
  2. Confirm your action by clicking Delete report. Confirm_delete_report.png

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