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April product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS


Set pricing by customer groups or location


It’s now easier to see, set, and edit prices by location and/or customer group on the Product page. Pricing will automatically be applied to your sale for the relevant group so you can stay on top of your pricing and prevent products being sold at an incorrect price.

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User permissions to view sensitive sales information


You can now set permissions for which user types can view your store's sales, revenue, and inventory data. Restricting access to sales data will now remove sales targets and sales from the Home dashboard.

Setting user permissions gives you control to restrict cashiers and other user types from viewing sensitive sales information. This also extends to limiting access to register closures summaries for previous days and inventory data.

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Editing service sales and scheduling


Stores using the Service Orders module can now edit and update service sales so any unexpected additional products or labor charges can be added before your service is fully paid.

You can also edit scheduling for your services. All services can now be updated with a date and duration, no matter when the service was created.

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Lightspeed Scanner


Inventory count improvements on Lightspeed Scanner


It’s now much easier to use Lightspeed Scanner to count inventory. App users will see clearer instructions, sync statuses, and count summaries when performing inventory counts.

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