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Managing service sales

The service orders module is free until March 31st as part of the public beta for Lean, Standard, and Advanced plans. If you're interested in the service module, please reach out to your Account Manager.

The Services module allows you to manage services from your POS, tracking statuses and staff notes, providing visibility to you and your staff. This article will guide you through this module once your service sale has been created and paid by your customer.

Accessing the services page

To access the Services page, click the wrench icon in the main menu.

The Services page has two tabs. The Current tab shows all new services, ready to be worked on, or in progress, and the All tab shows all services including those that have been completed and canceled


Your services can be sorted by clicking on the Sale receipt, Date scheduled, or Status columns.

  • Sale receipt: sorts the list by sales by newest-to-oldest or oldest-to-newest. You can use this to track the dates of when the service sales were made.
  • Date scheduled: sorts the list by soonest-to-latest or latest-to-soonest. You can use this to track schedule services.
  • Status: groups the service sales by status. You can use this to see a high-level view of what stage all your service sales are at.


For more information and options, click on the service sale to expand. 


Utilizing service statuses

With service status, you can update the progress of your service sale by either clicking on the icon at the right-hand side of your service sale to change the status to next in the order of progression, or clicking on Mark as.

  • New
  • Ready to work (thumbs-up)
  • In-progress (hourglass)
  • Complete (checkmark)

The additional Awaiting part and Awaiting customer statuses can be selected manually by clicking the sale to expand, clicking Change status, and selecting an option from the drop-down menu.


Adding service notes

Service notes are internal notes to communicate with your staff the progress of your service. These notes can be added at any stage by clicking on a service sale and clicking Add notes.


You can then refer to a service sales notes by clicking the sale to expand and selecting the Notes tab. The notes will also include updates to the Status.


Completing a service sale

Once your service is completed, you need to mark it as Completed in Retail POS.

Navigate to the Services page and locate the service sale to be completed. Click on the checkmark icon on the right side of the service sale (if the service status order of progression has been followed).

If the service status has yet to be updated, click the service sale to expand, click Change Status, and select Completed from the drop-down menu. Then you can click the checkmark icon.


You can use the Status column to filter service sales by status. The Pending status shows all service sales that aren’t marked as completed. The Completed status shows all sales marked as completed. 

In Sales history, the sale will still display the status Service pending. This is to let you know that even though your service has been completed by your staff, your customer still needs to pick up their item.


Mark your sale as complete once your customer has received its service and payment has been made by clicking on Mark as complete. Once marked as completed, the service status cannot be changed.


Confirm your sale is completed by clicking Mark as complete.


Canceling a service sale

If you need to cancel a service order, you can void the sale in Lightspeed Retail. Once the sale is voided, the service is automatically marked as canceled.

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