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Tracking your service sales statuses

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The Services module allows you to manage services from your POS, tracking statuses and staff notes, providing visibility to you and your staff. This article will guide you through this module once your service sale has been created and paid by your customer.

Accessing the service tab

To access the Service tab, click the wrench icon in the main menu. Service-management-main-nav.png

The Services page has 2 tabs. The Current tab shows all new services, ready to be worked on, or in progress, and the All tab will show all services including completed and canceled ones.service-page-current-all.png

Sort your services by clicking on the Sale or Status columns. Click on the service you want to update. This will expand your service and show you the relevant information.expanded-sale.png

Understanding service statuses

Update the progress of your service by either clicking on the thumbs-up icon at the right-hand side of your service sale or manually clicking on Mark as. By default, the first status will be New, followed by Ready to work, In progress, and Completed. Awaiting part, and Awaiting customer are statuses that can be manually updated using the Mark as button.mark-as-status.png

Service notes are internal notes to communicate with your staff the progress of your service. These notes can be added at any stage by clicking on your service > Add service notes.add-service-notes.png

While on your service, click Services notes to see all notes left for this particular service.service-notes-sections-notes.png

Completing a service sale

Once your service is completed by your staff, mark it as Completed. Click on the icon on the right side of the service. This will bring you back to the Sales history page with your sale.Completed-service.png

On your sale, you will see the status is Service pending. This is to let you know that even though your service has been completed by your staff, your customer still needs to pick up their item.service-pending.png

Mark your sale as complete once your customer has received its service and payment has been made by clicking on Mark as complete. Once marked as completed, the service status cannot be changed.Mark-as-complete-sale.png

Confirm your sale is completed by clicking Mark as complete.Confirm-mark-as-complete.png

Canceling a service sale

If you need to cancel a service order, you can void the sale in Lightspeed Retail. Once the sale is voided, the service is automatically marked as canceled.

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