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Creating service sales in Retail POS (X-Series)

The service orders module is free until March 31st as part of the public beta for Lean, Standard, and Advanced plans. If you're interested in the service module, please reach out to your Account Manager.

In addition to selling merchandise, your business may also provide services, such as repairs, cleaning, or maintenance. With Retail POS you can mark these sales as service sales on the Sell screen, allowing you to manage service sales using the Services page.

Creating a service sale

Service sales can be created directly from the Sell screen in Lightspeed Retail.

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sell.
  2. Attach a customer to your sale.
  3. Add the desired products and any discount you wish to offer your customer.
  4. Click More actions and select Create service.
  5. To schedule the service for a specific date, enter how long the service will take using the Hour and Minutes fields, then select an available Date from the list. To skip scheduling, click Next.

    You can use the Scheduled services column to determine what is currently scheduled on a given date to inform your selection. Once you enter how long the new service will take, the time will be added to the New schedule column.

  6. Enter any information about the service into the Notes field. If there are no notes required, leave the field blank.
  7. Click Create service. If an email or phone number is not attached to the customer profile, you will be prompted to enter the customer’s contact information before the service sale can be created.
  8. Click Pay and process a payment to complete the sale.

Service sales cannot be processed as a Layby sale and cannot be paid for with the On Account payment type. 

Inventory for any products attached to a service sale is immediately removed from your store once payment is completed. 

Taking a deposit for a service sale 

To take a deposit for a service sale: 

  1. Create a service sale.
  2. Click Pay.Retail-X-Service-Schdule-Service-Item-PAy.png
  3. Enter the deposit amount and click on the payment method your customer is choosing. The amount will recalculate showing the owing balance on your service and will show the deposit amount deducted from your total amount.Retail-X-Service-Enter-deposit.png
  4. Collect the deposit from the customer, then click Save Sale.Save-Sale.png
  5. Click Complete Sale.complete-sale-deposit.png

The sale will show as partially paid and service pending. The remaining balance can be paid when your customer picks up their item once the service is completed.


Creating service items

Service sales will often include services that can not be tracked in the same manner as standard items. To create a dedicated item in Retail POS for services, you will need to create a non-inventoried item. 

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products.
  2. Click Add product.
  3. Enter the appropriate product details. For more information, refer to our How to add a standard product article.
  4. Under Inventory Levels, disable Track inventory for this product.

    This option is enabled by default, this allows you to input and maintain inventory levels for your products. When you deselect the checkbox, the product will display an infinite inventory level.

  5. Click Save.


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