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Setting up the Zebra DS4608 barcode scanner

The Zebra DS4608 barcode scanner is a simple scanner to set up. To set it up and start scanning items, they require little to no assembly. They simply need to be connected to a USB port on your computer. 

  • Setting up the Zebra DS4608 barcode scanner on Desktop

    To set it up: 

    1. Connect the USB cable to the base of your scanner. 

    2. Connect the barcode scanner to a USB port on your computer.


    3. Enable an automatic return after scan by scanning the barcode below (also found in the Quick Start Guide packaged with your scanner):Add-enter-key-DS4608.png

    4. From the main menu in Retail POS, navigate to Sell > Sell

    5. Scan a product into the Search for products field. 

    If the item you scanned appears, well done! Your scanner is now officially set up. The scanner will continue to function this way as long as the computer it's connected to is powered on. 


    If your scanner needs to be brought back to its factory reset default settings, scan the barcode below: 


    Once scanned, your scanner will be ready to be set up again. 


  • Setting up the Zebra DS4608 barcode scanner on Android

    1. Connect your barcode scanner to the Lightspeed Duo through a USB port located in its hub of ports. ports-Duo.png
    2. From the main menu, tap Settings > Hardware settings > Edit scanners
    3. At the top-right corner of the Edit scanner screen, tap the plus sign (+).
    4. Choose your scanner brand. scanner-brand.png
    5. To pair your scanner, scan the following barcode.  Zebra-android-scan.png
    6. Tap Ok on the dialogue box on the screen. 
    Your scanner is now successfully connected. 

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