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Accepting Afterpay with Lightspeed Payments

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To get started, an Afterpay merchant account is required to process Afterpay customer payments. Contact Afterpay directly to set up your merchant account and to enable Afterpay on your terminal.


If you already have a merchant account with Afterpay, include your existing Afterpay Account ID in your request to prevent any delays. Requests are typically completed in 24-48 business hours.

Taking payment with Afterpay

  1. Navigate to the Sell Screen (Sell > Sell)
  2. Create the sale as per normal
  3. Click Pay
  4. Select Lightspeed Payments (or the name you chose during setup)
  5. Have the customer use the Afterpay app virtual card to pay on the terminal
  6. Click Complete Sale


For further information on how the Afterpay virtual card system works, visit the Afterpay FAQ page here.
Retail POS is unable to support any Afterpay queries. Please contact Afterpay directly via the Contact Us page here.

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