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Add products using the Scanner (X-Series) app for Android



As a retailer, you can now add products to your catalog via Lightspeed's Scanner for Android! 

When using the Scanner app for Android, products that are not currently in your Retail POS Catalog can be added quickly, directly within the app without having to return to your office computer. It also lets you add key product data needed to get your product on Retail POS (X-Series) and ready to sell right away. 

Note: Adding products with Scanner for Android only supports adding standard products at this time.


Adding standard products using the Scanner app

  1. In the Scanner app for Android, ensure you're on the Products tab in the bottom left corner. 
  2. To add a new product, click Add product.


  3. Enter the product name in the Product name field.


  4. Enter a SKU code, or leave it empty to automatically generate one. You can also use the scanner to scan a barcode by clicking the icon at the right end of this field, which opens the rear-facing camera.


  5. In the Pricing section, enter the Supply price.
  6. Enter a Markup percentage or fill out the Retail price section. (Whichever one you complete, the other field automatically updates.)


  7. Click Save in the top right corner. You'll return to the main Products screen with a confirmation that your product was added.


If you search for the product on Retail POS, it will now be listed and ready to sell.


For more information about the Scanner app for Android, visit our How to use the Scanner (X-Series) app for Android guide.

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