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Configuring your Lightspeed Duo settings

You can customize the settings on your Duo to meet your specific needs. Here's an overview of the main ones that could be important to you. 


From the Settings app on your Duo's home screen: 

  • Date and time: important to set to your local timezone. The Retail POS app updates at 3:00 AM local time every day 
  • Display: this allows you to control your brightness level or choose the light or dark mode for your device. Tap Advanced to have access to the font size and display size option, It will enable you to enhance the size of the fonts to your liking 
  • Network & Internet: to change your network settings
  • Sound: to increase or decrease the volume of the Dup as there are no physical buttons to do so 

Quick settings

From the menu at the top-right of the home screen, Quick settings provide easy access to: 

  • Network and Bluetooth access 
  • Brightness
  • Volume 
  • Serial number (useful when troubleshooting the Duo with our Support team)Quick-settings-Duo.png

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