Generating enhanced quotes in Retail POS (X-Series)

A quote is a document you can provide to customers with products listed with how much they would pay before going through with the sale. They are mostly used when customers want to buy in bulk or want to shop around to compare prices. 

Converting a quote into a sale is more efficient than ever on both Web and iOS. You can create a quote and save it right from the sell screen. With this feature, quotes have now a dedicated view giving you more visibility and better access to them.

Desktop iPad

Using enhanced quotes on your desktop

1. On Retail POS, from the main menu, click Sell

2. Attach the customer to your sale. add-customer-sale.png

3. Add the desired products and any discount or note for your customer on the quote.add-note-quote.png

4. Click More actions and select Create quote. Create-quote.png

5. From the confirmation screen, click Complete quote to print and email the quote to the customer. Complete-quote.png

6. From the main menu, click Quotes

7. On the Quote screen, you will see all existing quotes listed. You can search your quotes by customer name, and quote number, or click on More filters for more search criteria.  Quotes-screen.png


The status column in the Quote screen allows you to filter your quotes. The status Open shows all open quotes needing of a follow-up and the status Completed shows all quotes converted to a sale. 

8. Select the quote you want to complete, and click on the arrow.Quotes-screen_copy.png

9. Continue your sale by clicking Pay

10. Select the method of payment of the customer. Method-payment.png

11. Once the payment is received, click Complete sale. This will generate a sale receipt for your customer and send an email receipt. Complete-sale.png

You have now successfully completed your sale!


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