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Setting up the Lightspeed Duo

  Beta disclaimer

At this time, the Lightspeed Duo is only available to certain merchants as it's currently in limited beta testing.

The Lightspeed Duo is a dual-screen register powered by Android. Its sleek design, ports for all your devices, and streamlined setup optimize your store's checkout experience for you and your customers. Lightspeed-Duo-Front.jpg

What you need 

To set up your Lightspeed Duo, you need: 

  • Lightspeed Duo
  • Power cord
  • Screw (optional to secure front panel)
  • Security plate (optional to secure to counter)

Connect the Lightspeed Duo

1. Face the Duo's larger screen towards you and tilt it upwards. 

2. Open the front panel by using the latch. This will give you access to the Duo's hub of ports. You will also see an opening at the base of the Duo. Lightspeed-Duo-latch-open.jpgports-Duo.png

3. Route your power cord through the opening and connect it to the power port.Lightspeed-duo-power-cord.jpg


If you have peripheral devices, such as receipt printers, a USB keyboard, or a barcode scanner, take this opportunity to connect them to one of the USB ports or the LAN port. You can also connect your Ethernet cable to have access to the internet. If you have a wireless keyboard or mouse, you’ll be able to pair them from the Settings app once you power up the Duo.

4. Close the front panel. Optionally, secure the front panel with the screw provided. 

5. Press the power button at the back of the large screen. The Duo will start to power up. power-button-duo.png

Your Duo is now officially connected! Next, follow the onscreen instructions to set it up.


 If you connected all your devices and you're satisfied with your Duo setup, you can use the security plate provided to mount it to your counter. This provides a more stable base and prevents theft. 

Set up the Lightspeed Duo 

1. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password. If you have an Ethernet connection (recommended for optimal performance), the Duo will detect it. Once connected to the internet, the Duo will start to set up. Lightspeed-duo-setting-up-device.jpeg

2. To unlock the Duo, swipe up from the arrow on the screen.

3. A temporary password currently protects the Duo's home screen. It can't be changed and Lightspeed will eventually remove it. Until then, enter 1234 to unlock it and go to the home screen. 

4. Tap Settings. You can customize your Duo settings from this app, such as your network and display settings.

5. Select System > Date & Time and make sure the setting reflects your timezone. Doing so is important to avoid interruptions during your business hours because the Duo reboots and updates daily at 3:00 AM local time. 


You can also access some quick settings by selecting the menu at the top-right of the home screen. These include the brightness and volume of your display and quick and easy access to your network and Bluetooth settings. You'll also find your Duo's serial number, which can be helpful if you ever need to contact our Support team.

6. On the Duo's home screen, tap the Retail (X) app.Duo-home-screen.png


If needed, you can access Retail POS using the Chrome app. This would provide you access to manager or administrator features.

7. Tap Sign in.Sign-in-lightspeed-DUO.png

8. Enter your store name and tap Next.

9. Enter your username and password and tap Sign in.Username-screen.png

10. Tap the register you want to assign to the Duo. This will open your register and lead you to the sell screen. sell-screen-android.png

You're all set! You can now use Retail POS on your Lightspeed Duo and use its dual screens to provide a cutting-edge checkout experience for your customers! 

What's next? 

Want to adjust the brightness, network settings, or switch to light mode? The Duo has many settings that you can customize to your liking. Check out Configuring your Lightspeed Duo settings to help you navigate them.

Ready to get started with Retail POS? This setup checklist will help you configure your account so you can start selling in no time. 

Have more hardware to set up? See our list of recommended hardware to find the setup instructions for your devices.

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