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Tracking user logins in Retail POS (X-Series)


Tracking user logins on the user activity page is only available to admin and manager users. Cashier users do not have access to the user activity page.

Using the user activity page, admins and manager users can review account logins by Retail POS users. This allows you to monitor which users are signing in to your Retail POS account, when they are signing in and the details of the login, including IP address and device information.

To access the user activity page, navigate to Setup > Users and click the Activity tab. 


Selecting the date range

You can set the date range to review login activity for a specified period of time. This is set to all-time by default unless a date range is selected.

To set a date range, click the Date range drop-down and select the From and To dates. You then need to click Apply, followed by clicking Search. This will display all login activity for the set date range.


To clear a selected date range, click the Date range drop-down, then click Clear dates.

Selecting a user(s)

By default, the Users filter is set to all users.

To view login activity for a specific user, click the Users drop-down and select a user to filter by. Once the user has been selected, click Search. This will display all login activity for the selected user.


To return to viewing all user activity, select All users from the Users drop-down.

Review login activity

The user activity page has three columns to break down user login activity.


The action column displays what action the user took. Currently, this only tracks the action of signing in. It also denotes the date and time a user has signed in, using day/month/year, time formatting.



The user column displays the user associated with the action. This will display the user's name, display name, and email address (if applicable).


IP address

The IP address column displays the IP address from which the user has signed in. This allows you to compare your workplace IP address with the login activity, and monitor where users are signing in from.

To obtain your workplace IP address, click here while using a device connected to your workplace network.


Device, Operating system, and Browser

By clicking on a user, the row will expand to display the Device, Operating system, and Browser information.


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