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Setting up your Zebra CS6080 barcode scanner

The Zebra CS6080 barcode scanner connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and allows you to scan your items wirelessly. It's compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes. 


The model number CS6080 SR40004VZWW of the Zebra CS6080 is not compatible with MFi (made for iOS) and will not work on iOS.


What you will need 

Once your barcode scanner arrives in the mail, you'll need to take out the following items from the box to start your setup: 

  • Zebra CS6080 barcode scanner
  • Battery (pre-inserted)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Charging pad (Qi type)


Zebra’s CS6080 quick start guide and CS6080 scanner product reference guide are also helpful to have on hand in your shop if you want a paper copy of the Zebra barcodes included in the Help articles. You can refer to it for more in-depth information about the CS6080 barcode scanner as well. 

Before you begin 

Before using your barcode scanner in your shop for the first time, fully charge the battery. 

  1. Connect one end of the micro USB cable to the micro USB port of the charging pad.
  2. Conec the other end of the micro USD cable to a power source. We recommend using a port at the back or the bottom of your receipt printer or your iPad's charging block. 
  3. Place your barcode scanner on top of the charging pad.Retail_CS6080_Charging_On_Pad.png

To indicate that it's charging, the battery indicator LED at the top of the barcode scanner blinks amber. Once fully charged, the LED turns solid green. If you pick up the scanner from the charging pad and press hold the scan button (...) for three seconds, the LED will also be solid green. 

Pair your barcode scanner with your iPad

  1. Press the scan button(...) to power on your barcode scanner


2. By default, your barcode scanner is set to HID keyboard mode. To use your barcode scanner and keyboard at the same time in the Retail POS app, you need to set it to the Bluetooth MFi_SSI mode. To do so, scan the barcode below directly from your iPad screen. The barcode scanner will beep and its Bluetooth LED light will start blinking blue. 



3. On your iPad, tap Settings > Bluetooth

4. In the Bluetooth panel, enable the Bluetooth switch. 


5. Under OTHER DEVICES, tap your barcode scanner. Once the pairing process is complete, your barcode scanner will display as Connected under MY DEVICES. The Bluetooth LED light will also become solid blue. 

6. Launch the Retail POS (X-Series) app.

7. Go to Settings > Hardware.


Your Zebra barcode scanner connection status will appear in the list of hardware.

Trouble setting up keyboard mode?

If you are having trouble setting up the keyboard mode on your barcode scanner, follow these steps: 

  1. Proceed to do a factory reset on your barcode scanner. 
  2. Press the scan button(...) to power on your barcode scanner.


  3. Scan the barcode below. This barcode allows your barcode scanner to become discoverable and enables your scanner to perform like a Bluetooth keyboard. The barcode scanner will beep and its Bluetooth LED light will start blinking blue.


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