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Taking a payment for a Card Not Present sale with Lightspeed Payments

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US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia  


Once your Lightspeed Payments has been set up following the steps in our Setting up Lightspeed Payments for Retail POS (X-Series) guide, you can now process sales using Lightspeed Payments.

You may wish to take card payments when the customer's card is not present, such as over the phone. To achieve this, Retail POS with Lightspeed Payments offers a Card Not Present payment flow.

Follow the steps below to process a Card Not Present sale using either Retail POS for desktop, or Retail POS on iPad:


Minimum payment amount of $0.50 in local currency (US, Canada, and Australia) or £0.30 (UK) applies to all transactions

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sell and process a sale as usual
  2. When presented with your payment options, select Lightspeed Payments (or the name you chose during setup)LS-Pay-Card-Not-Present-Sale-Payment-Type.png
  3. Retail POS will begin to connect to your payment terminal. On the payment modal, click Enter card details manually to initiate the Card Not Present flow.
  4. Enter the Card details and the Cardholder name provided by the customer
  5. Once the card information has been entered and confirmed with the customer, click Process payment
  6. The payment will process and if successful, proceed to the Payment Received screen
  7. Finish the sale as desired and click Complete Sale


This article is specifically for processing Card Not Present sales. For information on processing a regular sale, refer to our Taking payment with Lightspeed Payments for Retail POS (X-Series)

If you're having issues connecting your Lightspeed Payments terminal, refer to our Troubleshooting your Lightspeed Payments for Retail POS (X-Series) guide.

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