Setting up the WisePad 3 terminal with Lightspeed Payments for Vend on iPad

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Only available to Canada beta retailers  



Lightspeed Payments provides everything you need to process sales and get paid. To get set up with Lightspeed Payments in Vend on iPad, follow the steps below:

Supported payment terminal

  • WisePad 3 (iOS and Canada only)

Setting up

Add the Lightspeed Payments Payment Type in Vend
  1. Login to your Vend store using the Account Owner or another Admin user
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click Add Payment Type
  3. Select Lightspeed Payments from the payment type dropdown
  4. Click Next
  5. Follow the Lightspeed Payments login and setup prompts
  6. Once back in Vend, input a Display Name for the payment type
  7. Select which Outlets you wish this payment type to be available for
  8. Continue to Lightspeed Payments terminal the pairing section below
Pairing the WisePad 3 terminal to an iPad


  1. Open the Vend iPad app and tap the Menu icon
  2. Navigate to Settings -> HardwareScreen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_3.50.51_PM_3.png
  3. In the Lightspeed Payments section, tap Connect to bluetooth terminal
  4. From the Nearby Bluetooth Devices menu, select the WisePad 3 terminal that is displayed
  5. Accept the Bluetooth Pairing Request by tapping Pair
  6. The terminal has been successfully connected when Connected to WisePad 3 is displayed in the Lightspeed Payments section


For steps on taking payments using Lightspeed Payments, refer to our Taking payment with Lightspeed Payments for Vend guide.

If you're having issues connecting your Lightspeed Payments terminal, refer to our Troubleshooting your Lightspeed Payments for Vend guide.

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