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What product information syncs with Vend and Ecwid?

Product information that DOES sync:

Vend Ecwid




Description (Initial Import Only)




Categories (Limit: 75 pp)*



Attribute Values

Option Values

Active/ Inactive

Product Availability


Quantity in Stock

Retail Price




*The tags that a product has in Vend are converted into Ecwid categories after import. If you later add a tag to a synced product in Vend, it will not be synced. See synchronization rules below for further information.
**Images are only synced from Vend to Ecwid at the initial sync. Products imported from Ecwid to Vend will not sync images. See synchronization rules below for further information.

Product information that DOES NOT sync:
Vend Ecwid





Product Type




Supplier Code


Supplier Price


Reorder Points


Reorder Quantity





Weight, Ibs






Shipping Dimensions


‘Compare to’ Price


Product Subtitle


Low Stock Threshold

Product information synchronization rules

The following synchronization rules apply to the products that are synced between Vend and Ecwid:

Vend → Ecwid Ecwid → Vend
When a product is updated in Vend, only the name, stock, SKU, and price are automatically updated in Ecwid.

Images DO NOT sync after initial publishing to Ecwid.

When a product is updated in Ecwid, the information DOES NOT sync back to Vend. You must use Vend as the system of record for product information.

Images ARE NOT updated as you may have a higher resolution image attached to your product in Ecwid.

When a variant is added to a product in Vend, and the product is already synchronized with Ecwid, this variant will be automatically added to Ecwid.

When a variant is added to a product in Ecwid, and the product is already synchronized with Vend, the variant will not be added to Vend.

You must use Vend as the system of record for adding a variant if you wish for both platforms to have this variant.

Deactivating a product in Vend will unpublish the product in Ecwid.

hen a product is activated in Vend, it will be enabled in Ecwid.
Disabling a product in Ecwid, it will not be deactivated in Vend.

When a product is enabled in Ecwid, it will not be activated in Vend.
Deleting a product from Vend won't delete it from Ecwid. You may still want this product to be available online. When a product is deleted in Ecwid, it will not be deleted from Vend.

Vend products with Product Tags are converted into categories when imported to Ecwid.

If the category already exists in Ecwid, the product is assigned to the existing category. If the category doesn't exist in Ecwid, the category is created.

If you add a tag to a synced product in Vend after the initial sync, it will not be synced to Ecwid.

The categories that a product has in Ecwid are converted into Vend tags after import (the limit is 75 categories per product). If you later add a category for a synced product in Ecwid, the tag is not added in Vend.
How to sync products between Vend and Ecwid

Once you have integrated your Ecwid account with Vend, you will need to synchronize your products. 

The Vend Ecwid integration supports Standard Products and Products with Variants. You can upload your entire product catalog from Vend to Ecwid; from Ecwid to Vend, or configure separate product lists for each platform as desired.

Product import is undertaken with in your Ecwid admin panel and cannot be done within Vend.

Things to be aware of before the synchronizing products:

  • The tax configuration in Vend should be the same in Ecwid (i.e. both set to tax exclusive).
  • The currency used in Ecwid should match the currency in Vend.
  • To import products from Ecwid to Vend, products require both name and SKU to be provided (and variants should have unique SKUs).
  • Composite products are not supported in Ecwid and cannot be imported

To synchronize your products, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Ecwid admin panel, navigate to Catalog -> Products and click Listed on Vend 
  2. Click Upload Ecwid products to Vend or Upload Vend products to Ecwid
  3. Select one or more products to be imported; products can be searched by name or SKU. To import all products, click Upload all instead
  4. Once all products have been selected, click Add Products to begin the import
  5. The sync status will be displayed on the Products listed on Vend page in your Ecwid admin panel until completed


Once products have been imported from Vend to Ecwid and/or Ecwid to Vend, the system of record is Vend.

Please use Vend to update product information accordingly; refer to Product information synchronization rules dropdown above for further information.


  • Once your Vend and Ecwid accounts are connected, Vend becomes the system of record.
  • You should manage your product catalog, pricing and inventory information in Vend to ensure everything stays accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ecwid syncs important information back to Vend such as sales and inventory levels
  • For information on setting up the Vend Ecwid integration, refer to our set up guide here
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