Taking payment with Lightspeed Payments for Vend

  Beta testing 

Beta testing is available to UK and Australia retailers  



Fully available to US and Canada retailers  


Once your Lightspeed Payments has been setup following the steps in our Setting up Lightspeed Payments for Vend guide, you can now process sales using Lightspeed Payments.

Follow the steps below to process a sale:


Minimum payment amount of $0.50 in local currency (US, Canada, and Australia) or £0.30 (UK) applies to all transactions

  1. Navigate to the Sell -> Sell and process a sale as usual
  2. When presented with your payment options, select Lightspeed Payments(or the name you chose during setup)
  3. Vend will connect to your payment terminal and allow your customer to pay for their transaction


For steps on setting up Lightspeed Payments, refer to our Setting up Lightspeed Payments for Vend guide.

If you're having issues connecting your Lightspeed Payments terminal, refer to our Troubleshooting your Lightspeed Payments for Vend guide.

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