Selling products with Serial Numbers


This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan.

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With Vend's Serial Number feature (Inventory -> Serial Numbers), retailers can capture Serial Numbers for specific products and record these when sold on the Sell Screen.


This allows retailers to keep track of exactly which unit of a product is sold to which customer, ensuring that if returns are made (i.e unwanted purchase or warranty claim), the specific unit returned is the correct one.

Capturing Serial Numbers against products

To ensure Serial Numbers are easily recorded and tracked, these are found under Inventory -> Serial Numbers. Here you can record new Serial Numbers for your products. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Serial Numbers

  2. Click Add Serial Numbers

  3. Enter and select the product name you're recording serial numbers for in the Product field
  4. Select the outlet these serial numbers will be located at in the Outlet field
  5. Enter each serial number, separated by a comma, in the Serial Numbers field
  6. Once all serial numbers have been entered, click Add Serial Numbers
  7. Each serial number you have added will now appear as an individual line on the Serial Numbers page
Recording Serial Numbers on the Sell Screen

When selling a product that has serial numbers recorded against it at the specific outlet, cashiers will be prompted to enter the serial number to confirm it is available to sell.

To complete a sale of a product with a serial number recorded against it, follow the steps below:

  1. Add the Customer details as applicable
  2. Add the product to the sell screen by scanning the barcode, using the search bar, or selecting it on the quick keys


  3. When the Record a serial number dialogue box opens, locate the serial number on the physical product being sold and enter it into the Serial Number field and click Continue.Screen_Shot_2021-06-29_at_11.01.31_AM.png

    • If the serial number entered does not match any captured on the Serial Numbers page, Vend will prompt you to capture it as a new serial number, or retype the serial number
  4. Process the remainder of the sale as normal

Tracking sales of products with Serial Numbers

You can track which serial numbers have been sold on the Serial Numbers page (Inventory -> Serial Numbers). On each serial number line, sale information will be recorded in the Sold On column.


This sale information will display sale date and time, as well as a direct link to the sale in the Sales History. 


Each serial number will remain on the Serial Numbers page until removed using the trash can icon.


Serial Numbers are unique to each individual unit and are therefore seperate from SKU codes. To learn more about SKU codes, refer to our What is a SKU? and UPC, EAN, ISBN, ITF, JAN and other scannable barcodes in Vend

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