Setting up your POS-mate Wireless Barcode Scanner for Mac and PC


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to pair your POS-mate Wireless Barcode Scanner for Mac, PC and iPad.

Mac Windows PC

To set up your POS-mate Wireless Barcode Scanner for Mac follow the steps below:

1. Press and hold the scanner button until you hear a double beep and the blue LED begins to flash alternately. 


2. Open your Mac Bluetooth settings.


3. Turn Bluetooth on. Your Mac will search for available devices and once it locates the POS-mate 2629HID scanner, click Connect.

4. When successfully connected, the POS-mate scanner will beep once.


To test that the scanner has paired correctly, open Vend and scan a product barcode that has already been added to your product catalog.

Scanning one of these products should automatically add it to your sell screen. If the product doesn't scan, follow the above process again.



In order to charge the scanner, connect the dock to your Mac via the supplied USB cable.

When placed in the dock, the scanner LED will show red to indicate charging.

Enable/disable Automatic Scanning Mode

Automatic Scanning Mode allows you to automatically scan a barcode without the cashier having to handle the scanner or press the scan button, simply by waving the barcode in front of the stationary scanner.

To ENABLE Automatic Scanning Mode, scan the barcode below:


To DISABLE Automatic Scanning Mode, scan the barcode below:


Restore Factory Settings

To restore the POS-mate Wireless Barcode Scanner to default settings, scan the barcode below:


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