Managing third-party apps billed through Vend (App Subscriptions)


For eligible third-party apps, an app can be connected to and billed through Vend! This allows you to pay for your Vend subscription and app subscription(s) in one, convenient location. 

These are managed using the App Subscriptions page (Setup -> Billing -> App Subscriptions) when an eligible app is connected to your Vend account.

Eligible third-party apps

Currently the following third-party apps can be connected to and billed through Vend:

Click the desired third-party apps to learn how to set up App Subscription billing.

Accessing the App Subscriptions billing page

When an eligible app is connected to your vend store, you can review the app(s) billing information including renewal date and monthly charge on the App Subscriptions page.


To get to the App Subscriptions page, navigate Setup -> Billing -> App Subscriptions.

Cancelling a third-party apps billing

To cancel an existing third-party app billing through Vend, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Billing -> App Subscriptions

  2. Identify the third-party app you wish to cancel
  3. Click the trash icon to remove the subscription
Reactivating a cancelled third-party app

To reactivate a third-party app that has previously been cancelled, you will need to contact Vend Support.

Click GET SUPPORT at the top of this page and submit a support request.


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