How to pair your Ingenico Move 5000 with Suncorp Bank


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS on iPad
  • Ingenico Move 5000 with Linkly/PC-Eftpos Cloud Merchant facility

Don't yet have Linkly Cloud Merchant facility enabled on your Suncorp Merchant account?

Get in touch with the Suncorp Merchant helpdesk on 1800 836 055.


Enable Cloud mode on the payment terminal

  1. Press Func and enter 11112227, press Enter
  2. The terminal will display Configure Terminal Comms, press Enter
  3. Use the F2 and F3 on the screen to select  Ethernet or WIFI, press Enter
  4. Enter as the Host Name. To enter an alphabetical character, press the corresponding number key, & then use the Func button to change the highlighted selection
  5. The terminal will prompt for Port number, ensure this is set to 443, press Enter
  6. Select ON for POS COMMS SSL, press Enter
  7. Select PCEFTPOS from the SSL Profile List, press Enter

The terminal should be connected to the PC-Eftpos Cloud services and a screen displaying Connecting to Cloud or Cloud Online will appear. If the cloud connection is successfully set up, It will eventually prompt Pinpad Pairing Press Enter on the screen.


Pair the terminal to PC-Eftpos Client

  1. On the Pinpad Pairing Press Enter screen, press Enter
  2. The terminal will now display Pair Code, take note of the pair-code to complete the pairing process with Retail POS. If the Pair Code doesn't show up on the screen or to manually get it, press Func and 8880, press Enter


Pair the terminal to Retail POS


You can connect one Suncorp payment terminal to one Retail POS register running on an iPad or a Mac/PC. If you have more than one payment terminal to pair you will have to add a separate Retail POS register for each terminal to complete the pairing process.

Windows PC or Mac iPad


Under your Retail POS Setup menu, navigate to the Payment Types page
    1. Select Add Payment Type
    2. From the payment type drop-down, Select Other Payment Methodmceclip1.png
    3. Click Begin Setup
    4. Name the payment type e.g, Credit/Debit
    5. Set the gateway URL to “”
    6. Click Save Payment Type
    7. Go to the Sell Screen and add a product to the sale
    8. Adjust the price of the product to $0.01
    9. Select Pay
    10. Click the payment type we created earlier Credit/Debit 
    11. An error message will pop-up on the screen with an option to pair, click PAIR
    12. Enter the Cloud ID/Client ID, Password, and the Pair Code displayed on the screen of the payment terminal 
    13. Select Print receipts using terminal printer if you wish to print the Eftpos receipts from the payment terminal’s inbuilt printer
    14. Click PAIR


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