How to pair your Ingenico Desk and Move terminal with Global on eConduit


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad
  • Desk 5000 and Move 5000
  • IMPORTANT - Email when you are ready to pair your terminal with Vend

Hardware ordering requirements:

  1. eConduit application is requested at time of purchase, it will be added by Global Payments prior to deployment.
  2. Device must also have the semi integrated (TSI) application loaded.


Confirm the terminal is in Semi Integrated

  1. Select Admin or #
  2. Scroll to Misc Options
  3. Select #1 for semi integrated
  4. Enable Semi Integrated to “on
  5. Confirm Communication type for Desk 5000 is Ethernet and WiFi for Move 5000
      1. Port must be 5020
      2. Receipt options can be Terminal  (prints a credit receipt only) or ECR (prints a Vend receipt with credit card details. A separate receipt printer is required.
  6. The terminal will now display Global and Vend on the idle screen

Activate eConduit App on the terminal

  • Select Function Key (Upper most grey button with circle)
  • Select Click eConduit icon
  • Select Click “Cloud Server”
  • Select “Start Cloud Server” – message will display 
  • Select the Red key to revert back to previous screen
  • Select Print Configuration
    • (print out will provide Terminal ID used for pairing, for example 03779804)
  • Press Red button until back at main screen

Create the payment type in Vend

  1. Log into the Vend store and Select the Setup tab
  2. Select Payment Types
  3. Select Add Payment Type 
  4. Select Global Payment Gateway
  5. Name the payment type (i.e. Credit/Debit)
  6. Select each outlet the payment type will be used with
    • For every register you want to accept payments a terminal must be paired. 
  7. Select Save Payment Type

Pair the terminal in Vend

  1. Select the Vend Payment Gateway you created above
  2. Select Pair a terminal
  3. Select the register you wish to pair the terminal with
  4. Enter the Terminal ID (sometimes referred to as serial number) that was printed from the configuration slip
  5. Select Save Payment Type


Additional Information

If you receive an error Invoice # not allowed or Invalid ERC parameter, contact Vend at so we can configure the invoice settings on the terminal. 

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