Does Vend integrate with the Hyperspace Age Verification Application?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • Vend on iPad



Yes, Hyperspace has built an Age Verification Application integration specifically for Vend and is available to all US-based Vend retailers!

This can be used by retail stores that sell age restricted items, such as liquor, tobacco and vape products, to verify a customers age. 

The Age Verification Application integrates seamlessly with your Vend store, enabling you to scan a customer driver’s license during the sale. It operates with a variety of scanners, works on the web version of Vend and the app version for tablets, and is FDA (Food & Drug Administration) compliant.

To set up the integration, contact the Hyperspace team. For further information refer to the Hyperspace Age Verification Application page, or to receive support, submit a ticket to Hyperspace.

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