Does Retail POS (X-Series) integrate with the Hyperspace Age Verification Application?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS on iPad



Yes, Hyperspace has built an Age Verification Application integration specifically for Retail POS and is available to all US-based Retail POS retailers!

This can be used by retail stores that sell age restricted items, such as liquor, tobacco and vape products, to verify a customers age. 

The Age Verification Application integrates seamlessly with your Retail POS store, enabling you to scan a customer driver’s license during the sale. It operates with a variety of scanners, works on the web version of Retail POS and the app version for tablets, and is FDA (Food & Drug Administration) compliant.

For further information refer to the Hyperspace Age Verification Application page


To set up the Vend-Hyperspace integration, contact the Hyperspace team here.


Your Hyperspace subscription will be billed alongside your Retail POS subscription in Retail POS! This allows you to pay for both subscriptions in one, convenient location.

To learn more about managing your Hyperspace subscription in Retail POS, refer to our third-party billing guide here.


Hyperspace own and support this integration. For technical support with this integration, please contact Hyperspace support by:

Billing-related queries are handled by Lightspeed. Use the Help function within your Retail POS store to contact our Retail Support team


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