Does Vend integrate with Loop?


  •  Vend for Mac or PC


Yes, Loop has built an integration with Vend!



This integration is owned and supported by Loop. To set up the Loop integration with Vend, visit the Loop integration page here and fill out the contact form.

A sales representative will reach out to discuss your organization’s needs and demonstrate what Loop can do for you.

Once your account has been created by the Loop Team, simply connect Loop Insights to your Vend account. After this is complete, your sales will automatically sync in real-time.


Your subscription to Loop will be billed alongside your Vend subscription in Vend! This allows you to pay for your Vend subscription and Loop subscription in one, convenient location. 

To learn more about managing your Loop subscription in Vend, refer to our third-party billing guide here.


Loop own and support this integration. For technical support with this integration, please email

Billing-related queries are handled by Vend. Click the GET SUPPORT button at the top of the page or use the Help function within your Vend store to contact our support team.

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