What to do in a Vend outage


In the unlikely event of a Vend outage, access to your Vend account may be temporarily unavailable. This may alternatively present as reduced functionality; such as inability to access the sell screen, add products and/or customers to a sale, or check the sales history, and other critical features. 

Get updates

Our engineers work quickly to identify any outage-related issues and correct the problem to ensure that you're back online as soon as possible.

During this, the engineers will post regular status updates: https://status.vendhq.com/

Manual trading

In the mean time, we know that you'll want to continue trading!

For a guide on how to manually take payments, record inventory and sales data, and enter these into Vend once back online, refer to our How to trade manually guide.

Thank you

We understand that outages can be incredibly frustrating for both your customers and yourself, so thank you for understanding and baring with us while we sort things out.

If you require any further assistance once Vend is back online, you can contact our 24/7 support team:


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