Vend Setup Checklist

unnamed.jpgReady to get started with Vend? This setup checklist will help you configure Vend for your store, so can start selling in no time. Run through the steps below to get started!


Set your general account settings

unnamed.png Set up outlets (stores and locations) and registers (tills).

unnamed.png Add in Users (staff) — set level of access for different staff members.

unnamed.png Set up payments (e.g. cash, credit card, etc.). There are two ways to set up payments:

  • Integrated Payments save time by linking Vend to your payment terminal and third-party payment services. Contact us here to discuss the best integrated payment option for you.
  • Non-integrated Payments are more time consuming and manually processed. These require you to type the payment amount into the payment terminal, then enter the payment in Vend to confirm the payment is accepted. We strongly recommend using integrated payments where possible.

unnamed.png Make sure you’ve set up your receipt template.


Set up and upload your products

unnamed.png Set up your product catalog based on your goals.

unnamed.png Add products individually OR bulk upload products via CSV/XLSX.

Vend tip: copy and save backups for your product list(s) when updating products.


Set up your hardware

unnamed.png View what hardware we support and recommend using in your store.

unnamed.png Need assistance setting up your hardware? Book a session with our hardware specialist.


Clear test data

unnamed.png If you need to remove any test data you created during your trial, you will need to contact
Support to clear this from your active Vend account.



Once you've ticked off all the above, you have setup your Vend store and should be ready to start selling!


If you require additional help along the way, answers are only a quick search away on the Help Center (using the search-bar at the top of the page).

You can also get in touch with our technical support team 24/7. Click the Get Support button to start chatting:


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