UPC, EAN and other scannable barcodes in Vend


In Vend, you are able to add multiple barcodes that can be scanned alongside the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). These can be captured on Standard Products and used for scanning/selling and inventory management without sacrificing the ability to identify products internally using a SKU.

Supported barcode types:
Auto-generated: Vends automatically generated SKUs
Custom codes: any other code
EAN: European Article Number
ISBN: International Standard Book Number
ITF: Interleaved Two of Five
JAN: Japanese Article Number
UPC: Universal Product Code

How multiple barcodes work

A product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is typically the primary product code used for selling, inventory management, and customer-facing material such as receipts, labels and e-Commerce.

However products often have multiple codes used externally. Take a book for example, which may have a UPC, EAN and ISBN, as well as an internal SKU, on the one product.


Vend allows you to capture all these codes and scan them for the following tasks:

  • Adding products to the Sell Screen
  • Adding Products to Quick Key Setup
  • Adding products to a Stock Order
  • Receiving Stock
  • Add/Edit Promotions

The first code captured in Vend forms the 'front of house' code found throughout Vend and on your receipts, labels and e-Commerce integration. The secondary codes are only visible on the Add Product and Edit Product pages.


This means you can scan different barcodes on the sell screen without making them visible to the customer, such as the UPC, or sacrificing the ability to identify products using the SKU.

By specifying what the code type is during the capturing process, Vend is also able to sync codes with third-party integrations that recognise different code types.

Capturing multiple barcodes


Multi-barcode functionality is currently only available for Standard Products.

Variant ProductsComposite Products, and CSV/XLSX multiple barcode functionality will be available soon.

1. Navigate to Products -> Products

2. Click Add Product; or locate an existing product and click Edit Product

3. Under Inventory you will find SKU Code Type and SKU Code


4. Select the SKU Code Type from the dropdown

5. Enter or scan the barcode into the SKU Code field

6. To add more codes, click Add Another Code


7. Repeat steps 4-6 until all codes are captured

8. Click Save


Your product Supplier Code will continue to be used in Stock Orders and is needs to be captured in the Supplier Code data field on the Add Product or Edit Product page.

The Supplier Code is still not scannable in Vend, however, you can add the Supplier Code as a Custom SKU Code Type for seperate scannable code in the Sell Screen.

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