In Store Order Fulfillment in Vend

The product(s) your customers want to purchase aren't always in-stock, or they may not be ready to take the product(s) away, but still wish to make the purchase regardless.

Instead of turning the customer away, you can offer an In Store Order with Vend.

This allows the sale to be processed and marked as an unfulfilled order while you source product(s) from your supplier(s), from another outlet, or in store, to fulfil the customers order.

The customer can choose to have the purchase delivered or to pickup the purchase later.


When to use an In Store Order

Product(s) out-of-stock

If product is out-of-stock and you are unable to provide the customer with the product at the time of sale, you can still process the sale. 

You can process the sale as unfulfilled (In Store Order) and then order the stock from your supplier or another outlet.

Once the stock arrives in store, this can be allocated to the order and fulfilled through the customers desired method (delivery or pickup). 


When you add the product to the sell screen and the stock level is at 0 or below, you will be unable to click the Pay button and a banner will appear to prompt the cashier that: "You don‘t have enough inventory available. Mark sale as unfulfilled?". For this to happen, your outlet must have the Negative Inventory Warning setting enabled.


The product does not have to be out of stock in order to process a In Store Order! There may be instances where a customer is not ready to take the product(s) purchased and wishes to have these delivered instead.

You can process the In Store Order the same way, either choosing to order in additional stock from a supplier or another outlet, or simply fulfilling the order from your current inventory.


An In Store Order sale does not offer a field to capture the customers address, this will need to be added to the Sales Note section when prompted, or as a sales note on the purchase.

If a shipping charge is required, you will need to create a special product in order to charge this prior to completing the purchase and add it to the sale.


Your customer may not be capable of receiving the product(s) at the time of purchase, such as lack of transportation or time constraints, and wish to come back later to pickup. 

You can process the In Store Order the same way, either choosing to order in additional stock from a supplier or another outlet, or simply fulfilling the order from your current inventory, depending on the circumstances.


We recommend confirming an exact pickup date and time with the customer, and capturing this in the Sales Note to ensure that all parties are aware of when the customer will be returning. This also allows you to determine how you want to fulfil the order with regards to inventory.

Selling an In Store Order

1. Add the product(s) the customer wishes to purchase to the Sell Screen. There are two ways to create a In Store Order from here:

  • If the product(s) are out-of-stock and you have Negative Inventory Warning enabled, the prompt to sell as unfulfilled will appear. Click Mark sale as unfulfilled to enact an In Store Order.
  • If this setting is not enabled, the product(s) are not out-of-stock in Vend but out-of-stock in store, or the purchase is for Delivery or Pickup later, click More Actions and select Mark as Unfulfilled.

2. Select Delivery or Pickup, depending on the customers needs, in the dialogue box that opens.

3. Select an existing customer or add new customer to the sale. Contact details from an existing customer will be pre-filled and can be edited to suit the order. New customers will require a name, email and phone number.


If a customer was already added to the sale before selecting the Mark as Unfulfilled option, these details will be pre-filled.

4. In the Sales Note, capture the customers address for Delivery or date and time for Pickup. These details will be captured in your Sales History and on the customers receipt.


5. Click Mark to create the In Store Order. 

6. Process the sale with the customers preferred payment method


The In Store Order MUST be paid in full at at the time of purchase and On Account/Layby payments are not available for this sale type.

7. The order is now recorded in the Sales History as Delivery, unfulfilled or Pickup, unfulfilled.


Fulfilling an In Store Order

All products in the order have stock available

When an In Store Order is created and all products within the order have stock available, it will be recorded in Fulfillments (navigate Inventory -> Fulfillments) as a pick list.


The Status will detail whether the fulfilment is NewIn Progress or Packed. The Type will designate whether the order was created as Delivery or Pickup.

Clicking to expand the sale will display what products need to be picked under Items, how many (QTY) and the delivery or pickup details under Sales Notes.

There are two ways to fulfill your order(s):

Picking the order manually

  1. Print the order packing slip(s) and shipping label(s) through your normal workflow (outside of Vend)
  2. Pick the items from the packing slip.
  3. Pack these items into shipping bags/boxes as required.
  4. Once picked, locate the order on the Fulfillments page, click to expand and select Mark as Packed.
  5. Prepare the order for delivery or pickup:
    • For Delivery orders, attach the package tracking details on your e-Commerce platform. Next locate the order on the Fulfillments page, click to expand and select Mark as Shipped.Then email the customer to notify that the order has been shipped (including shipping details).
    • For Pickup orders, email the customer to notify that the order is ready for collection. Once the customer has collected the order, locate the order on the Fulfillments page, click to expand and click Mark as Picked Up


Once the order has been Mark as Shipped or Mark as Picked Up, the order will then be removed from the Fulfillments page. To access the order once completed, navigate to Sell -> Sales History.

One or more products within the order are out of stock

When a In Store Order is created and one or more products within the order are out of stock, it will be recorded in your Sales History (but not the Fulfillments page).

Once you have sourced product(s) from your supplier(s), from another outlet, or in store, you can fulfil the order through the Sales History.

1. Locate the order in Sales History and click the tick button next to the sale, or expand the sale by clicking on it and click Mark as Complete

2. Select Mark as Complete to change the status to Delivery, fulfilled or Pickup, fulfilled and complete the order.


Processing an In Store Order purchase doesn't automatically trigger a stock order, stock transfer or pick request in store. This must be done manually after processing the sale.

An In Store Order is intended as a record of the purchase within Vend.

To order out-of-stock product(s), we suggest creating a Stock Order from your supplier(s) to fulfil the purchase.

If the product(s) are in stock but the customer wishes to have this delivered or pickup later, you can choose how the order is fulfilled based on stock availability.

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