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Order Fulfillment using the Scanner (X-Series) app on iOS


Being able to fulfill online orders using the Scanner app for iOS devices gives you the freedom to optimize your store.

For a full understanding of fulfillment, read our Online order fulfillment in Retail POS (X-Series) guide first.

Fulfillment using the Scanner app on Android is not currently available.

How to fulfill orders with Scanner

1. If you haven't already, download and sign into the Scanner app on your iOS device to begin.

2. Open the Scanner app and navigate to the Fulfillments tab, then tap on the order you want to start fulfilling. Here you can Start picking and you'll need to assign this order to yourself.

Fulfillments-App.PNG  App-Cancel-Yes.PNG


Online orders from Lightspeed eCom, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce will only be visible once integrated. Buy now, fulfill later sales will always be visible while in the unfulfilled status.

3. This will bring up a pick list of the product name and quantity required to fulfill the order. You can either use the scanner window to scan the item(s) barcode, which will automatically mark the item(s) as picked, or manually pick the item(s) using the checkbox(es) next to each item.

App-Close-Finish.jpg  Product-Quantity-App.PNG  


If there are not enough items to fulfil the order, you can still pick the stock available and save the fulfillment to be completed later.

There is also a Fulfillment note dialogue box to input any information required, such as item(s) unavailable or damage. This will appear under Fulfillment notes on an order in the Fulfillment page in Retail POS.

4. When all items are picked, tap Finish to mark the order as picked. Here you can review order information by selecting View fulfillment details or add a Fulfillment note using the provided box.

5. You can Mark as packed for orders that are ready to be shipped and/or Mark as shipped for items that have been taken for delivery.

View-Fulfillment-Details-App.PNG  iOS-Picked-Up.PNG  

6. Once an item has been Marked as shipped, the fulfillment is complete and the order will disappear from the Scanner (X-Series) app, leaving only outstanding orders within the Fulfillments tab.

You can access all active and completed online orders through the Sales history page within Retail POS for Mac or PC.

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