How to receive stock using the Scanner app


To help you get your products onto shelves faster and keep your quantities up-to-date without double-entering stock levels, you can now use your iPhone camera to scan barcodes and ensure that you received what you ordered, catch supplier errors sooner and keep your quantities accurate. 


  • Scanner App


  1.  Sign in to the Scanner app on your iPhone using your Vend Login credentials.


  2. Tap Receive 


  3.  Select the Open or Sent Purchase Order that you are receiving
  4.  Use your iPhone's camera to focus on the barcode to automatically scan each product you are receiving

    note: you can click on the quantity amount beside the product you are receiving to manually enter a larger quantity.   


  5. Tap Finish
  6. Sign in to Vend on Mac or PC
  7. Click Products 
  8. Click Stock Control
  9. Select the order you are receiving 
  10. Click Receive
  11. Confirm that the received amounts & supply prices are correct, then click Save and Receive to complete

Additional Information

  • The purchase order must be finalized using Vend on Mac or PC. 
  • Only orders in Sent and Open states can be counted in the app.
  • Orders containing Composite products cannot be counted in the app.
  • When receiving using the Scanner app, only the product quantities can be adjusted, supply prices cannot be edited using the Scanner app.
  • Multiple users can receive at the same time, but only via the Scanner app (i.e. do not add quantities via web and Scanner simultaneously).
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