How do I fulfil a Click & Collect order?


Completing a Click & Collect order in Vend using your eCommerce integration and the Mark as Complete functionality on the Sales History page.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • BigCommerce, Shopify or WooCommerce Integration


  1. Click Sales History
  2. Search for the Click & Collect order
  3. Click Mark as Complete
  4. Click Mark as Complete in the pop-up box to confirm


Marking an order as complete will show a Delivery, Completed status in Vend. Shopify will show a Fulfilled status, while BigCommerce and WooCommerce will show a Completed status.

Additional Information

Vend does not identify orders that are Click & Collect, but when a customer walks in for pickup, you can search for the order in the Sales History.

If you are interested in using our API to build out your Click & Collect functionality, we do have Fulfillment APIs with existing statuses like Pickup, unfulfilled to identify a pickup order. For more, click here.

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