How do I hide a product linked to Shopify in Vend?


You can hide a linked product by changing the visibility of the product in Vend. This is in the situation where you do not wish to display it in Shopify anymore. This can be useful if a product is seasonal, or you no longer sell the product currently but may sell it again at some point in the future.


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • The Shopify Integration 


  1.  Navigate to the Products screen in Vend and find the product you wish to disable
  2. Next, choose Edit Product.

  3. Once on the Edit Product screen, untick This product can be sold.

  4. This will disable the product in both Vend and Shopify. It will no longer be accessible on your Shopify store or the Vend Sell screen
  5. To confirm that this has worked you can click the View on Shopify button on the product page.

  6.  On Shopify, under visibility, the online store box should be unticked.


Additional Information

  •  Actioning these steps does not break the link between the product in Vend and Shopify.
  • This means any updates made to the product in Vend will still carry across to the product in Shopify.
  • Any changes to this product in Vend, it will be made visible again in Shopify. 
    • For example, receiving inventory or making an edit to the product details through the edit page or CSV import.
  • If you wish to enable the product again, follow the same steps above but this time ensure that the This product can be sold box is ticked.


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