Why do I get prompted to select a receipt at the end of every sale?

Retail POS now gives you the ability to choose the receipt/invoice template to provide to your customers with different sales scenarios. When you need to print or email an invoice, quote, or designated on account/layby receipt, you can now choose the appropriate template at the end of the sale.


  • Retail POS (X-Series) for Mac or PC

How to select and print your receipt template 

  1. At the end of the sale, click print receipt
  2. Select a receipt template

  3. Click print

    When a template with a different format (e.g A4) is selected, you will need to change the printer destination in the print preview. 

How to select and email your receipt template 

  1. Attach the customer to the sale, and process as normal
  2. Click the receipt template name
  3. Select a receipt template 


Addition information

  • Setting up your receipt templates
  • If receipts are printed regularly you can enable automatic printing, which will trigger a receipt to be printed without needing to tap the button at the end of each sale.



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