How do I use Sales Reports for Integrated Credit Card Tip Reporting


Vend offers tip/gratuity support with integrated credit card payments. In this article, Vend will discuss how to use Sales Reports to reconcile tips earned against gross sales. 


  • Vend on Web and Vend on iPad
  • Vend in the USA  and Canada
  • Vend Payment Gateway Payment Type
  • Payment terminal support 
    • Clover Flex and Mini
    • Pax S300, D210, A920, A80, and A60
    • Dejavoo Z series
    • Ingenico Desk and Move 5000

Pre Requistes 

  • Contact Vend to turn on integrated credit card tipping.
  • Ensure your payment processor has programed your terminal to prompt for tips before the authorization. 
    • Pax requires BroadPOS to be updated to prompt for a % or a fixed amount.  A download is required on your terminal for it to take effect.  
    • Clover requires tips to be enabled within your Clover Merchant Admin Settings
    • Dejavoo  requires your processor to update the terminal file and a download to the device.
    • Ingenico  requires your processor to update the terminal file and a download to the device.


  • Sales History - In Vend  Sales History you now have the ability to view the full amount of the authorized transactions (Gross Sale + Tip Amount).  If you view the details of the transaction (see below)  you will notice a  new line item Tip.Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_10.35.56_AM.png


  • Reporting - Access Sales Reports and select the appropriate Report Type and Measure (Tips). For example, selectin  Report Type =  User and Measure = Tips you can now view every sale defined in your date range applied to the employee logged in during the sale. Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_10.45.21_AM.png


  • Register Closure - With integrated tip reporting your register closure totals for integrated credit card payments will match your processors batch records. This payment type total will now include the Sale + Tip amount as the total. Screen_Shot_2020-05-12_at_11.01.24_AM.png


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