Can BigCommerce orders with a "Pay in Store" option be processed through the Sell Screen?


Can a BigCommerce order with a "Pay in Store" option be processed through the Vend Sell Screen when a customer arrives to pick up and pay?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • BigCommerce


 No. Vend does not support the pay in store function as it is expected the sale from BigCommerce will sync as a Closed with a confirmed payment. The best practice for processing orders on BigCommerce is to ensure the client processes the order online including payment to ensure the order syncs to Vend for both inventory and reporting. This will also ensure a quick and easy process come time for the customer to pick up the order! 

On BigCommerce there is the ability to create an online or offline payment type. Using the Pay In Store option would be considered an Offline Payment type. When an order imports from BigCommerce, Vend will only confirm that a payment method was applied and not the type of Payment method.
To sync an order, Vend confirms there is a payment included in the sale and syncs the sale as status Closed

To process a "Pay in Store" payment you will need to take a manual payment at the time of pick up.

Workaround to apply a Pay in Store option:

  1. In the Sales Ledger locate the BigCommerce sale
  2. Remove the Vend/ BigCommerce payment type assigned
  3. Process the transaction directly through your payment gateway (example use Square separately from Vend)
  4. In Vend Sales Ledger, apply the new payment type to Close the sale correctly

Additional Information

How to manually apply a payment to a sale 

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