Can I edit the variant Display Option Type and Style in BigCommerce?


  • Vend for Mac or PC
  • BigCommerce Integration


No. For products synced from Vend to BigCommerce, the display option type and style cannot be edited as this will break the sync from Vend to BigCommerce and remove all variant level SKUs associated with the product. Vend will only sync to the default settings. 


For Version 2 of the BigCommerce Product page, the default can be viewed below:

  • Option Type: Radio List
  • Display Type: Multiple Choice
  • Display Style: Rectangle

For Version 3 of the BigCommerce product page, the default can be viewed below:  

  • Option Type: Rectangle List


Additional Information

While BigCommerce offers alternate display types like. Swatch DropDown and others, Vend does not recommend this setting.

How to edit products linked to BigCommerce

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