How to edit products linked to BigCommerce


  What is the best approach for editing products that are linked to BigCommerce?


  •  Vend for Mac or PC
  • The BigCommerce integration


When Vend and BigCommerce are connected, Vend is considered the system of record.

This means all product updates will flow from Vend to BigCommerce in order to see them display in both Vend and BigCommerce and maintain a proper product sync.  

The following areas should be edited in Vend in order to maintain a synced product: 

  • Product Name
  • Images*
  • SKU
  • Vend Retail Price / BigCommerce Default Price
  • Supply Price
  • Brand
  • Description
  • Variants
  • Inventory
  • Active/Inactive state

*For all new connections as of 20 May 2021. Connections made prior to this date will require images to be managed manually on each platform

What can be edited directly on BigCommerce without impacting the product sync: 

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