Customize your Inventory Reports

You can customise any of the inventory reports to extend or change the insights you can find.

Report Type

By default, your report will display either products or SKUs (variants). You can choose to roll things up to review higher-level trends (Brand, Product Type etc).

Have multiple stores? Add ‘Outlet’ as a second dimension to see customer demand and inventory in each store and plan your stock transfers. Select this using ‘Format Results’.




Filter your results to focus on different views of your product catalogue.

  • All Inventory includes all active products
  • On-hand inventory will only include products that you have available to sell.
  • Low stock will only show products that are below their minimum Reorder Point.



Date Range

You can choose to review performance in a specific period. A great indicator of how the future might pan out is to review a similar period in the past.




See more information about each row by clicking the + icon. What’s available depends on the Report Type you select. Under here, you will see some product details you can choose to include in your reports such as the SKU, Supplier Code, Brand, Supplier, Type and Tag.



Optional data measures

If you would like to dig deeper you can add even more information by clicking the + on the right side of the report table to access additional measures.


The options here include:

  • Sales measures like Revenue, Customer Count, Last Sold Date.
  • Cost measures like Inventory Cost and Average Item Cost.
  • Performance measures like Weeks Cover and Sell-Through Rate.

Explore in the app to see what measures are available and what each one means.


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