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Inventory Summary report

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The Inventory Summary report shows your inventory position at a certain point in time.

What is it telling you?

The report presents information about the inventory you have:

  • Closing inventory: The closing inventory at the end of your selected date range.
  • Created: This is the date the product was created.
  • Average cost: The average unit cost of each item.
  • Inventory cost: This is an indicator of how much cash you have tied up in inventory. (Average cost x Closing inventory = Inventory cost).
  • Retail value: This tells you how much potential revenue your inventory could make. Use it to help plan upcoming promotions, insurance claims, and merchandising. (Full retail price of products x Closing inventory = Retail value).


Check out how you can customize your inventory reports.

Tips on using the Inventory Summary report

Understand your inventory position in the past

It can be useful to understand your inventory position in the past, for example, to compare how much stock you’re carrying into a promotional period vs. last season. By changing the date range, you can see your closing inventory at any point in time. Add the optional measure Current Inventory (click + on the right side of the report table to see what’s available) to compare where you were in the past with your current inventory position.


How values are displayed

Product report type

When the Inventory Summary is set to the Product Report type, Retail POS will include negative figures for variants.

SKU report type

When the Inventory Summary is set to the SKU Report type, Retail POS will only include positive figures for variants.


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