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Why should I use Inventory reports?

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Using Retail POS's Inventory reports will help you answer the most important questions about your products, such as what you have, what you need, and what makes you money.

Advanced inventory reporting lets you dig deeper into your inventory, helping you uncover new insights about your business, like how soon certain products will run out, what to purchase, and where you need to shift slow-moving stock.

To get started, navigate to Reporting > Inventory reports in Retail POS.

If you have Retail POS advanced reporting, you can access three different tabs: Summary, Replenishment, and Performance reports.


  • Summary report: Gives you an overview of the inventory you have available to sell.
  • Replenishment report: For products you reorder regularly, this helps you make quick decisions about what to order and how much you need.
  • Performance report: This helps you dig deeper into your products, categories, and outlets to understand what is performing well and how to improve your profitability.


These templates are just a place to start. You can add more data to any of these reports to meet your needs. Refer to how you can customize your inventory reports.

Next: Learn how to purchase your products more efficiently using the Replenishment report or understand product performance with the Performance report.

*For Lite plan retailers, only the Inventory Summary report is available.

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