How to import existing loyalty balances into Marsello


Help a retailer import Retail POS Loyalty balances into Marsello as well as calculating the correct points balance.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Marsello add-on
  • Spreadsheet editing software (Open Office, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, etc.)


On Retail POS:

  1. Login to Retail POS on Google Chrome
  2. Navigate to Customers
  3. Click Export ListImage_2020-03-26_at_4.40.39_PM.png

On your spreadsheet software:

  1. Open the .CSV file and delete all columns that are not first_namelast_nameloyalty_balance, and email
  2. Edit the headings to Firstname, Lastname, Email, and Points or use this template here
⚠️ Important: The customer's first name and email address are required. If these values are missing, the file cannot be imported into Marsello.

Depending on how the retailer has setup their Retail POS Loyalty program, they may need to do some calculations to have the loyalty dollars and Marsello rewards points match up.

Customize your Marsello settings to match your Retail POS Loyalty settings (optional)

Marsello's loyalty program is a points based system in comparison Retail POS's loyalty program is a cash back system. To ensure a smooth transition, there are two settings we recommend updating to match your current Retail POS settings.

📝 Please note: This is an optional step. If you want to start your new loyalty program from scratch and just migrate customers' points please skip ahead to the next section "Prepare your Retail POS Loyalty CSV file ready to import into Marsello". 

Set the Making a Purchase earning rule

1. On Retail POS (signed in as an admin), click Setup

2. Click Loyalty to open your Retail POS loyalty settings

3. Check the rate that your customers earn Retail POS Loyalty $Earning_Loyalty.png 

4. Convert your Retail POS earning rule to Marsello's points earn rule: 

    • Retail POS's $1 Loyalty is the equivalent to 1 Loyalty Point in Marsello. 
    • The $ (Spend) is the equivalent to the amount the customer must spend to earn 1 Loyalty Point in Marsello.
Here's a couple of examples:
➡️ IF you have $1 = $1 Loyalty in Retail POS
➡️ THEN in Marsello your Making a purchase earn rule should be set to
'Earn 1 point for every $1 spend'  

➡️ IF you have $5 = $1 Loyalty in Retail POS
➡️ THEN in Marsello your Making a purchase earn rule should be set to
'Earn 1 point for every $5 spend'

Check your Points column amounts
Marsello's loyalty program is a points based system and Retail POS's Loyalty program is a cash-back based system.

If you have decided to create a new Marsello loyalty program from scratch, then you may need to convert your customers' Retail POS loyalty balances to be in line with your new earning points rules. To do this you will need to:

1. Look at your Retail POS earning rule & convert your customers' loyalty balances based on your new Marsello earning rule.
For example:
➡️ IF you have $10 = $1 Loyalty in Retail POS and,
➡️ IN Marsello, your 'Making a Purchase' earn rule is 'Earn 1 point for every $1 spend'
➡️ THEN to convert your customers' Retail POS Loyalty $ to Marsello's Loyalty points, you need to multiply your customers' Retail POS loyalty balances by 10 to update their balance to be in line with your Marsello's points earning rule.
2. In your spreadsheet, add a column to the right of your Points column and also call this column Points
3. In the new column add a formula to multiply the customer's points amount by the earning rule. For example: =D2*10 (using the amount from the above scenario) Beasley.png
4. Copy that formula to the last entry of the spreadsheet.
5. Copy your new Points column and then paste values only in the points column. L_Paste.png
6. Delete the 'new' Points column so that you only have the original points column with the new points balances. Your spreadsheet should look similar to this: Beasley.png

Save your Retail POS Loyalty list file a as a .CSV file

On Marsello:

Import your customer database CSV file into Marsello

1. In your Marsello Admin, go to Customers

2. Under Customers, click Actions

3. In the drop-down, select Import Customers


4. Select your points import option: Image_2020-04-01_at_3.49.56_PM.png

  • Add points to customers' existing points balance (recommended)
    This will add the points column value to the customers' profile. E.g. if the points value is 0, it will add 0 point to the customers' account. 
  • Replace customers' current balance with points amount in CSV
    This will replace the points column value to the customers' profile. E.g. if the points value is 10, it will replace the customers' current points balance with the new points balance, 10, from the CSV import.

5. Under Tag any imported customer(s) with the label: You can enter a custom tag name (this is optional):
This will automatically tag the customer's profile in Marsello with the custom tag when imported. For example, adding the tag "Retail POS Loyalty Customer" could help you identify customers who have been migrated from your Retail POS Loyalty program.  

💡Quick Tip: Adding a custom tag will allow you to create this as a group under Segments.

6. Click Upload file to start import

⚠️ Important: By importing customers you are confirming that any newly added customers' accept marketing. Please remove any customers who don't accept marketing from your file before uploading.

7.  Click Upload data from file, then select the CSV file from your computer

8. Double check if the first row of your spreadsheet is the Column Names (headers),Does_this_row_contain_column_names.png

  • If the first row does contain your headers, click Yes 
  • If the first row doesn't contain your headers, click No

9. Double check your Column names (headers) match Marsello's customer fieldsBulk_add_4_Records.png

📝 Note: This is to ensure your customer's details are populated in the correct field in their Marsello profile. For example, the customer's first name is populated in the 'Firstname' field. 

10. Review your CSV File. Click the toggle Only show rows with problems to see the customer row(s) that may not be able to be imported into MarselloBulk_add_4_Records.png

Common reasons for errors include:
  • The row is blank and doesn't include any details
  • The Points column has blank cells, if the customer doesn't have a points balance please enter as a value. 
  • The first name doesn't start with a letter or includes special characters e.g. #$^&
  • The email must contain a valid email address 
  • The mobile must start with a or numbers e.g. +6127123123 or 027123123
  • The CSV file contains over 100,000 customers (100,000 is the maximum number of customers who can be imported at one time)

11. Fix any rows with problems

12. Click Complete to start importing your CSV file.  

Your CSV File will automatically start to import into Marsello. 

📝 Note: This import may take up to four hours, depending on the size of your customer database.


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