How to enable/disable automatically creating customers when emailing receipts


Enable/Disable automatically creating customers when emailing receipts from the Sell Screen.


  • Vend for Mac or PC


  1.  Navigate to Setup
  2. In General Settings
  3. Click Yes/No for Automatically add customers from receipts

Additional Information

If a sale is completed and an email is sent to a customer, Vend will check if a customer is attached. If there is no customer attached Vend will check if the email address already exists in the customer records. If there is a matching customer, Vend will automatically attribute the sale to the existing customer. If there is no matching customer Vend will automatically create one.  

  • Vend uses the start of the email address for the "First name" of the customer and also populates the email field.
  • If loyalty is enabled in the store the customer will automatically be added to your loyalty program. The customer will not automatically be opted in to marketing and promotional emails.
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