How do I unpair my Chase terminal from my register


Before proceeding further in this document it is important to know what payment terminal you are planning to pair with Vend. Vend supports a variety of different terminals for Chase US and Canada. This article outlines the steps to support Chase Integrated Payments.



  •  Vend Register on iPad
  • Verifone P400 or V400m payment terminal


1. In the Vend iPad app  navigate to Dashboard --> Hamburger Menu (2nd one on the top left)  --> SetupPair_Terminal.png


2. Select the Hamburger Menu (2nd one on the top left) again --> Payment Types --> Edit your Chase Payment Type.Delete_Payment_Type__1.png


3. Scroll to Connect Terminal --> Select the trash bin of the terminal you wish to unpair. Delete_Payment_Type_2.png



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