How do I pair my Chase US terminal with Vend on iPad - Closed Beta


Before proceeding further in this document it is important to know what payment terminal you are planning to pair with Vend. Vend supports a variety of different terminals for Chase US and Canada. This article outlines the steps to support Chase Integrated Payments.


  • Vend Register for iPad
  • Verifone P400 or v400m
  • Chase Integrated Payments merchant account
    • Your account id


Pre-Configuration Requirements

  • If you do not have a Chase Integrated Payments merchant account access their signup form here. After the sign-up process  and your payment terminal has been purchased and received activate your the payment terminal in Chase Integrated Payments Merchant Center.
  • If you have a Chase Integrated Payments merchant account log-in to your Chase Merchant Center

Activate your Chase Terminal

  1. Power off (unplug) your Chase terminal
  2. Log in to your Chase Merchant Center 
  3. Select Hardware and Activate Terminal
  4. After you activate the terminal in Chase power on your terminal and connect it to WiFi



Copy your Chase Account ID 

Your Chase account ID is required to pair your terminal in Vend. 

  • Your account ID is in the top right corner of the Chase Merchant Center or you can select Settings.account_id.png


Vend Terminal Pairing Steps

1. Create a Chase Payment Type

  • Log-in to your Vend Register app and access Dashboard (1st Hamburger Menu in the top left)   --> Hamburger Menu again (2nd from the top left) --> Setup --> Payment Types --> Add Payment Type.



  • Select Chase for iPad and Select Begin Setup


2. Name your Payment Type (i.e. Credit Card) and select the Outlet you plan to use it with.


3. Connect your Register to a Terminal

  • Select the register to pair  the terminal with
  • Enter your Chase Account ID
  • Enter your Chase terminal Serial Number (S/N)


  • After you select Pair Register the screen should look like the image below. If you have more than one terminal repeat step 3 for each terminal. If you have a separate Account ID for each terminal (i.e. you want separate bank deposits associate the S/N with the Account ID and Register you plan to use).
  • Select Save Payment Payment.
  • You are now ready to pair your terminal with Vend on iPad.  


4. Pair Terminals with Vend on iPad

  • Download the Vend Register app on your iPad and log-in
  • Select hamburger menu in the top left and select Settings


5. Select Hardware and Configure Terminal


  • First, make sure your terminal is connected to the Network and then enter the IP Address of the terminal. 
    • The IP Address can be located by pressing the 0 key --> # Key --> Network Info
    • Enter your IP Address and press Pair.



You are now ready to use credit card payments with your Vend Point of Sale.


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