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Why does my payment terminal display POS Offline?


A terminal may be powered on and connected to your internet router, but the screen of the terminal still displays POS Offline.


  • Pax devices 


When a terminal displays POS Offline, it means that the terminal is being blocked from sending outbound traffic to the eConduit service.

There a few things I would suggest checking with an IT specialist:

  1. That there are no Firewall restrictions blocking traffic.
  2. Bad internet connection.
  3. That the recommended ports are open (Port 80 with alternate 9001)

Additional Information

If the issue persists,  we suggest plugging the terminal directly to the router and not through a hub/adapter that can bottleneck traffic.

You can also try connecting it to a different network to see if the issue persists.

They can also have an IT Specialist white list Mac address of devices allowing outbound traffic.


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