Why can't I receive notifications from Vend Ecommerce contact form or account registration?  


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Answer / Macro:

We have had to disable the ability for customers to submit to a request via contact form as a well as the ability to create an account registration. This was due to a hacking incident which took place mid 2019. Vend Ecommerce had been sent numerous spam/ malicious data which crashed our servers, leading us to disabling both of these functions. 

The incident mentioned was rolled up to our development team and it was their call to indefinitely disable the feature. With the issue logged, I want to be entirely transparent in that there are no plans to address or change the current behaviour or limitation of contacting via Vend ecommerce. 
Please note, though the contact us form and account registration are disabled, automatic e-mails for order/purchases have been kept in tacked. 

Additional Information

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