Online Order Fulfilment in Vend

If your Vend store is connected to your BigCommerce, Shopify or WooCommerce store, you will be able to quickly see which orders originated from your online platform in the Vend Sales History. You can also manage your order status from the Vend Sales History. 



If you are already connected to BigCommerce, you will need to re-connect or update your Vend app in BigCommerce’s marketplace in order to use Vend's Online Order Fulfilment feature.

Managing Order Fulfilment in Vend

When an order is placed on your online store, it will appear in your Vend Sales History with the order status Delivery, Unfulfilled. The Sold by section will note your e-commerce platform. 


When an order is fulfilled and sent out for delivery, find it in the sales in Sales History and select Mark as complete 



The order will then be marked as Fulfilled in Shopify, and Completed in BigCommerce or WooCommerce and Delivery, Completed in Vend.



Returning BigCommerce and WooCommerce Orders

If a customer would like to return an order they purchased on your e-commerce platform, you must process the return on your e-commerce platform, and not in Vend.

Once the return is completed on your e-commerce platform, a refund will appear in your Vend Sales Ledger. The original sale will have the status Exchange, completed


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