All about Choice Pay - Vend Payment Integration, How does it work?


  •  Vend on PC
  • Verifone NZ Payment Terminal


Choice Pay is an advanced payment gateway for Vend that allows you to integrate EFTPOS (from EFTPOS New Zealand or Paymark) into your Vend cloud POS environment.  It is certified by EFTPOS New Zealand and Paymark, it’s easy to install and to use and is perfect for use in low or high volume retail environments.

Choice Pay is currently used by hundreds of retailers throughout New Zealand and is designed to:

  • Provide fast, secure (PCI compliant) integrated electronic payments for Vend POS terminals
  • Use your Internet connection (not a phone line)
  • Provide offline processing capabilities (in case someone turns off the Internet)
  • Support latest chip-based cards and ‘Tap and Go’ payment methods
  • Support any number of POS lanes per store (one pin pad is required for each lane)
  • Always remain up to date - you will be prompted to upgrade Choice Pay whenever we roll out updates
  • Provide easy access to common EFTPOS terminal functions (login, shift totals, reprinting receipts, etc.)

Choice Pay supports pin pads from EFTPOS NZ and Paymark that plug directly into your Windows-based Vend POS unit or stand-alone payment terminals from Paymark.  No more keying errors or delays while you manually plug sales into your EFTPOS terminal!

Choice Pay is distributed as freeware, meaning you are free to download, use and distribute it at no charge.  

To use Choice Pay you will need:

  • A  Vend store (Vend is awesome - see
  • A Windows-based POS terminal (sorry - Macs and non-Windows tablets are not currently supported)
  • An account with EFTPOS NZ or Paymark, including the hardware (terminal) and software they provide

Choice Pay utilizes the communication capabilities of PC EFTPOS to process transactions via the Internet.  Like Vend, PC EFTPOS supports processing offline (i.e. while your Internet connection is down).

Additional Information

You can find the Choice Pay for Vend - Installation and Support Instructions here

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