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How to order stock/create purchase order

To order stock in Retail POS, you need to create a purchase order (PO).

A purchase order is a summary of products created and sent by the buyer/merchant (you) of the products to the supplier, specifying the details of the products they want in their order.

By creating a purchase order you will be generating a record of the products procured in your store as well as sending an email to your supplier(s). 

Recording your purchase orders in Retail POS ensures you have a single place to keep track of your orders across suppliers, creating visibility over what was ordered and ensuring inventory numbers stay accurate. Plus, because purchase orders are stored in the cloud, you’ll never lose important information.

Create a purchase order

1. To create a purchase order in Retail POS navigate to Inventory > Stock control and then click on Order stock.


2. You then see the New purchase order screen.


3. On this screen, you can specify the following:

  • Supplier: Click to choose the supplier for the order, although the order can be created without choosing a specific supplier if you desire. This supplier will dictate which supplier code and supplier price is used for products added to the order that has multiple suppliers recorded. For more information on multiple suppliers, refer to our Multiple suppliers for products in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.
  • Deliver to: For this field, select the outlet you wish to deliver the stock to. It is mandatory to choose an outlet.
  • Supplier invoice number: When you order stock your supplier may include an invoice number. If you already have the invoice number, you can enter this here for your supplier's reference.
  • Delivery date: This is the expected date of delivery for the order.
  • Order number: The order number is generated by Retail POS when you select the outlet on the basis of the outlet settings. You can then add your own suffixes or adjustments to help you identify your orders easily.
  • Note: Add custom information to your orders, like personal reminders or approval notes - the free-form Note field lets you add these to your orders and search them for future reference.
  • Preview: See the delivery status of items easily on the screen; this key information may help them from losing sales of out-of-stock items.

Add products to the purchase order

There are three ways to add products to a purchase order.

Choose products

Add products by typing in the product name or scanning the barcode in the Search or scan to add product search box. Retail POS displays the matching product, and if there are several similar products, click on the correct one.



If the product has not yet been created in Retail POS, type in the name of the product and click Add "X" as a new product. This will surface the quick add a new product modal and prompt you to enter the minimum information required to add a product to your catalog. Please note this option is only available to users with admin/manager/account owner rights. Cashiers cannot add new products.

For more information on adding new products this way, refer to our Using the quick add product modal guide.


Once a product is selected, enter the quantity of this product that you would like to order. If a product with variants is selected, a pop-up screen opens for you to select the specific variants to add to the order.

Once the variants are selected and the quantity is specified click Add variants to order.


If you have set up or are using barcodes for your products, you can add your products by scanning your barcodes. Ensure that you have selected the product search box before scanning.

Keep adding products until your order is complete. Once complete, click Save to create and save your changes.


Products can be added to the order on the basis of recommendations defined at the point of creating the product. The recommended reorder point is the level that must be reached in order for Retail POS to automatically populate an order.

Click Add products from recommendations to automatically add products and the product will be ordered to the value of your reorder amount (also defined at the point of creating the product). Reorder amount is the default amount that will be ordered when a product that hits its recommended reorder point is added to an order.


If the supplier is chosen for the order, only products that have the assigned supplier appear in the popup list to select and add to the order. 

To learn how to add recommended re-order points and re-order quantity to existing products, click here.


The product will not be automatically reordered if it exists in another open or sent order for the same outlet.

Add products via CSV

You can import products (including supply price and quantity) to a new or saved order from a CSV file. This is an excellent way to quickly create a large stock order, such as from a data file created by a handheld inventory scanner.

You need to set up a CSV file with your order items.  Download an example CSV template to get you started, or create a CSV file using your spreadsheet software (like Excel, Open Office, or Google Docs) with 4 column headers:

  • Handle [optional field] - the product handle (must match an existing product in Retail POS).
  • SKU [mandatory field]  - the product SKU (must match an existing product in Retail POS).
  • Supply price [optional field] - the per-item supply price.
  • Quantity [mandatory field]  - the quantity of each item ordered.


If you have selected a supplier for your order, all the products imported must have the same supplier as the supplier selected.

Once the CSV import file is ready, click Import via CSV, then Import CSV and choose the file to upload your saved CSV file.


Adding products from your catalog

You can import products into an order directly from your Products page (Catalog > Products) using a bulk action.

Navigate to the Products page and select the products you wish to order using the checkboxes. Once selected, scroll back to the top and click on Choose an action, then select Add products to purchase order.


Select whether you want to Add to an existing purchase order or Create a new purchse order


When adding to an existing order, select the order you wish to add the products to and click Next

To create a new purchase order, choose a Supplier from the drop-down and where the order will Deliver to from the drop-down. The Order number field auto-populates. Click Next.


Enter the Quantity of the products that you would like to order and ensure that the Cost price (supply price) is correct. If your cost price has changed from your product's default value, it is important to enter the new value here to correctly calculate your average cost and cost of goods sold figures.

Once the quantity and cost price are entered, click Add products to order to finish creating the order. The order is then accessed by navigating to Inventory > Stock control

Sending and receiving a purchase order

You can now send the newly created order to your supplier, refer to our How to send a purchase order guide to learn how.

Once the purchase order has been dispatched by the supplier and is in transit you can mark the order as dispatched.

When you receive the purchase order, you can receive the order. Refer to our How to receive a purchase order to learn how.

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