Does Vend charge GST for Vend accounts in Singapore?


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  • Vend on iPad


From 1 January 2020, all companies have to charge their customers 7% GST if the customer is not GST registered in Singapore, or, if the customer does not provide confirmation of their GST registration details.

If you are GST registered in Singapore, it is important that you upload details of your GST registration to the Vend app . You will need to upload your GST registration number. You can do this using these steps.

If you do not provide us with details of your GST registration we have to charge you an additional 7% GST on top of the Vend subscription.

Your GST registration number should be included on correspondence you have with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), or on GST invoices that you give to your customers. If you do not charge your customers GST, you are probably not GST registered. If in doubt, ask your accountant. 

I was charged GST on my Vend subscription, but I am GST registered 

If you have been charged GST on your Vend subscription, and you are GST registered, please contact Vend Support for assistance. 



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